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 Clan Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Clan Rules and Regulations   Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:24 am

Rules to be followed:

1. No hacking / cheating ever
- Members found exhibiting any of the above will be immediately kicked.

2. You will help your team, not your fragrate
- We could give 2 shits about a fragrate. Your TEAM comes first.

3. Work as a team
- You will ALWAYS be on the same side as your fellow teammates.

4. Respect your tags
- While on other servers, be observant of other server rules and admins.

5. No sh!t talking EVER
- Once you kill someone, you are NOT to globally message any sh!t talking. That shows you have zero respect for other players.

6. Personal attacks vs members
- At no time will any member attack another member verbally, in the forums or on a server. If you have a problem send them an email, or contact me and i will mediate.

7. Inactivity
- You will be dropped from the roster and tracker if you go inactive for 1 month or more. Of course this does NOT apply if you let us know that you will be inactive for whatever reason.

8. No dual Clanning
- If you are a member of [FAITH] you will NOT be a member of any other clan. It's called loyalty!(Except allied clans) afro
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Clan Rules and Regulations
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