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 FAITH brigade rules and reguations

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PostSubject: FAITH brigade rules and reguations   Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:52 am

#1 Cheating

1. You will NOT manipulate the game client in any way, shape or form.
2. You will NOT use any third-party application that gives you an advantage in-game. This includes but is not limited to: hacks, bots, macros*, trainers, any kind of software that accelerates game-play and anything else relevant.
3. Users who are caught cheating will automatically expel.


1. You will not threaten or extort other players.
2. You will not insult or make racist comments to another player, group or brigade.
3. You will not demand another player to do something they do not want to.


1. You will not spam any of the chat channels. This means you will not send repeated messages in a short period of time.
2. You will not discuss cheats or hacks on the chat channels


A brigade member must use english/tagalog language

NOTE: You must be lvl 25+ to join our brigade Cool


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FAITH brigade rules and reguations
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